British Grand Prix Saw the Return of Real Racing in Modern Formula1

By Hillary Chinyere.
Harare, 7 July 2014, 10.00 CAT

I had predicted earlier that Williams and Red Bull were the only contenders for the non-Mercedes podium finishes on a Silverstone Circuit that is home to many an F1 team, with Williams themselves situated just across the road from the over-hyped “Home of Motor Racing.’ And boy was I right?


Lewis Hamilton win reduced reduced gap between him and Rosberg to 4 points.

Nico Rosberg’s first DNF of the season meant a one-horse race by eventual winner Lewis Hamilton who at one time led the pack with 44 seconds, following the German’s retirement in lap 29 due to a failed gearbox.

“It really needs to be the turning point. But I don’t take yesterday lightly, it’s not been the perfect weekend.”- Lewis Hamilton

We were however treated to some spectacular driving in the fight for fifth position between the highest-paid driver, Fernando Alonso and the most decorated driver on the track, Sebastian Vettel. After some complaining via team radio over the track limits by both drivers and some wonderful defensive driving from Alonso, it was Vettel who prevailed. But regardless of the sheer fight between the drivers, it was their complaints over each other that was nauseating. Vettel was complaining on end that the Spaniad’s aggressive driving forced him off the track. He further accused Alonso of breaching the track limits himself when Alonso’s four rubbers were over the edge of the track.

In the F14T, Alonso made his frustrations known when Vettel allegedly opened DRS flaps in a non-DRS designated zone. Alonso definitely proved his credentials yesterday and for him to keep Sebastian at bay for 13 laps in a slower car with oldertyres was truly amazing. At one point I thought Vettel had resigned to overtaking by the way he came across on the radio as he sounded really dejected. You would have been tempted to think that he realised he was in a tussle with a real battling F1 champion.
ValtteriBottas deserves to be respected for his heroic laps and he flew from 14th on the grid to 2nd on the podium, after his teammate Felipe Massa nearly missed a potentially fatal crash with Alonso’s KimiRaikkonen. They both retired in the first lap.


See results in full here.

In other news, Axcil Jefferies looks set to return to GP2, according to hints on his Twitter.



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