Alonso Breaks Into Q3 as Hamilton Takes Spanish Pole

Hillary Chinyere

Saturday, 14 May 2016

On a track Ferrari were expected at least to be within a tenth of Mercedes’ pace, Lewis Hamilton took pole position ahead of teammate and championship leader Nico Rosberg. The pole must have been sweeter for Lewis as Nico had been dominant the whole of the weekend thus far.

I was shocked and a bit disappointed to see them being displaced to the third row of the grid by the new Red Bull pairing of Daniel Riccardo and Max Verstappen. In the end, the faster Ferrari of the day (Raikkonen’s) was a full second slower than the Mercedes.

“For me, it’s a bit of a surprise about Ferrari. I expected them to be much closer to Mercedes.” – Alain Prost

My highlight of the race was Fernando Alonso’s tenth, McLaren’s best since it ditched the Mercedes power unit. The other one was Max’s fourth, impressive by all measures, particularly for a driver who has just been promoted to a premier car of Red Bull’s magnitude. I also found interesting the comments made by Red Bull team principal Christian Horner that Max’s performance justified his promotion and Kvyat’s demotion to Toro Rosso.

Here’s the how tomorrow’s grid looks like:

1 Hamilton 1:22.000
2 Rosberg 1:22.280
3 Ricciardo 1:22.680
4 Verstappen 1:23.087
5 Raikkonen 1:23.113
6 Vettel 1:23.334
7 Bottas 1:23.522
8 Sainz Jnr 1:23.643
9 Perez 1:23.782
10 Alonso 1:23.981
11 Hulkenberg 1:24.203
12 Button 1:24.348
13 Kvyat 1:24.445
14 Grosjean 1:24.480
15 Magnussen 1:24.625
16 Gutierrez 1:24.778
17 Palmer 1:24.903
18 Massa 1:24.941
19 Ericsson 1:25.202
20 Nasr 1:25.579
21 Wehrlein 1:25.745
22 Haryanto 1:25.939

There goes my top five prediction for the race:

1. Hamilton
2. Rosberg
3. Vettel
4. Kimi
5. Verstappen


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