Verstappen Wins Spanish Grand Prix as Rosberg and Hamilton Crash


Max Verstappen was brilliant all day, breaking a few records in the process.

Hillary Chinyere
15 May 2016

Max Verstappen broke records on his way to clinching his first race win at the Spanish Grand Prix. I enjoyed the race, even though it was a result of the Mercedes pair of championship leader Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton crashing in the first lap of the race.

In as much as Verstappen’s win is amazing and one to remember in future, I’ll take it as that: a win. It was apparent from the free practice sessions that the Red Bulls were more suited to the Catalunya track than the Ferraris. As a result, P1 was Red Bull’s for the taking since Mercedes was out of the picture. Max’s win came down to strategy rather than skill, in my own opinion. Max and Kimi only got ahead of Vettel and Riccardo because they went on a two-stop pit strategy whilst the latter pitted thrice.

I cannot wait for Monaco in two week’s time. I cannot wait to see Lewis Hamilton finish behind Nico again. Monte Carlo has so much in store for us!


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